WritersUA East Conference for Software User Assistance – Rhode Island Oct 27-29

June 25, 2013

I’ll be speaking at two sessions at The WritersUA East Conference for Software User Assistance  in Newport, Rhode Island, at the Marriott Newport, October 27-29, 2013.

My two sessions are:

Using RoboHelp to Manage Reusable Content in a Multi-author Environment

Whether a “lone writer” or part of a team environment, today’s authors have a greater need to share and reuse content. This often ranges from text, tables and screenshots to elaborate multimedia assets. The challenge is to keep all the project parts “in sync” and up to date.

In this session, John will provide time-saving tips on content reuse and explain RoboHelp features and workflows which make this process easier.  He will explore:

  • User Defined Variables (UDV) – Is that “click” for a desktop, “tap” for an iPad or “say Select” for a Smartphone? How many times have we typed “Acme Product” in many      topics only to be told that management decided to change the name! You can      manage those contingencies quickly using a UDV placeholder. John will also show how to use RoboHelp’s Scripting engine to create UDVs automatically.
  • Snippets – Sometimes you want to reuse chunks of content larger than just a word or two. Convert paragraphs, tables, screenshots and most      any content to a Snippet and make it possible to populate changes throughout a website in one go.
  • Conditional Build Tags (CBT) – There are multiple audiences for our content. It may depend on showing only relevant information to a group of readers, or you many need to exclude content depending on the mobile device that is accessing it. CBTs can customize content for multiple audiences, yet maintain a single source of content and avoid fragmentation.
  • “Live Linking” using the Resource Manager – Reuse CSS, Master Pages, Images, Multimedia, PDFs and more and keep it all updated among the authoring team with RoboHelp’s

Integrating Captivate HTML5 Tutorials within RoboHelp Projects

Enhancing text-based documentation with animated tutorials is commonplace now.  Adobe RoboHelp 10 is “mobile-ready” for everything from iPads and iPhones to Galaxy Android, Kindle Fire and whatever the next big thing is. This versatility is possible by using the new Multiscreen HTML5 Single Source Layouts for output. At the same time, Adobe Captivate 7 allows publishing to HTML5 as well. John will show how to:

  • Publish your Captivate eLearning animated tutorials as HTML5 output and import them into your RoboHelp project.
  • Create Screen Profiles in RoboHelp to optimize the multimedia content for various devices.
  • Manage CSS and Media Queries for compatibility with mobile device targets.
  • Create a customized or branded “look and feel” for your Screen Layouts to show off your content consistently.
  • Create Single Source Layouts and manage the content by using different ”sets” of User Defined Variables, Conditional Build Tags and Screen Profiles for various devices.

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